What Brazil’s Super-Rich Look For In Real Estate



Though Brazil may be home to some of the poorest people in the industrial world, it’s also a country where countless super-rich individuals make their home as well. This has made the country an extremely attractive location for investors who want to cash in on properties that attract the ultra-wealthy. If you want to find your fortune by serving the rich, here are the things these home buyers tend to look for in their real-estate purchases.

Do you spell Brazil or Brasil?

South American Addresses

While the ultimate symbol of success for many wealthy people around the world is an address in the United States, this doesn’t seem to be the case for the ultra-rich in Brazil. Many may already own properties here, but when asked where they’d like their next home to be, some 40% said they’d stick to a South American residence. With a number of countries to choose from, you should be able to follow the trends to which one wealthy Brazilians will choose next.

European Style

Brazil is home to all kinds of architectural styles, but when it comes to lifestyles, most would like to emulate Europeans. When asked the above question, 30% mentioned wanting a European address of their own, while just 18% said they wanted to have a place in the US.
Before Americans start taking it personally, though, it should be pointed out that Europe has a much weaker housing market, meaning Brazilians can get more for their money too.

Ranch and Beach Locations

Another important feature of a home to wealthy Brazilians is what the specific location provides. Given the country’s roots in agriculture, it’s no surprise that the rich here may want to live on a ranch, where they would have countless acres and perhaps even horses to explore it. Of course, most would probably also employ a staff to look after their livestock and property for them, especially when they’re away.

Many Brazilians also want to be close to the sea with their next purchase. This means being able to walk out their backdoor and immediately enjoy an unparalleled view and no shortage of sunlight.

However, it also means having a nearby location where one can dock a swanky yacht and immediately take it out to sea. 52% of wealthy Brazilians want a home near the sea. 36% have said the same about living on a ranch or farm.


Although the United States may not be the most popular destination for most wealthy Brazilians, don’t forget that many of them may already have homes here. Specifically, they may already be living in or near Miami.

The city is a hotspot for all kinds of reasons and not just for the wealthy overseas. Aside from its amazing weather and coastline, Miami has an unrivaled nightlife and some of the best food in the country.

It also has a distinctly South and Central American spirit to it. Many Brazilians seem to favor the area because it reminds them just enough of home—and probably only the good parts—while still feeling like it’s a world away.

Miami is also much cheaper than other favorable American locations like New York City. This allows a Brazilian to spend less and get more. It also gives them a lot of ways to invest or “keep” their money without all kinds of overhead. For what it would cost to own a penthouse in Manhattan, a Brazilian can buy a nice big home on the shore, with that fancy yacht and even a helipad to go with it all.

At just nine hours away by plane, you can definitely expect that Miami will continue to increase in popularity for those in Brazil with money to spend.

The amount of ultra wealthy Brazilians has increased considerably as of late. Furthermore, in just the last five years, these wealthy individuals have become more and more likely to look for homes that will give them their desired lifestyle, which usually means looking overseas.

However, deflation in Brazil is most likely to increase in the years to come, which will mean many wealthy citizens look to their own country for nice big homes and all that comes with it. So if you’re looking to invest, this is probably a good market to consider.

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What Brazil's Super-Rich Look For In Real Estate
Though Brazil may be home to some of the poorest people in the industrial world, it’s also a country where countless super-rich individuals make their home as well.